Periodontal Related Procedures

Crown lengthening

crown-lengtheningOften when a tooth fractures or has a very large filling you will need a crown-lengthening procedure to restore the tooth to normal function. We will establish proper gingival contours while exposing the complete crown of the tooth.

This procedure involves the re-contouring of the gum and bone surrounding the tooth. This provides your dentist with sufficient tooth to work with in order to place the crown so that it can be retained on the tooth and to allow the gum tissues to be healthy.

Ridge augmentation and root coverage

After a tooth is lost, the gums can shrink, creating a ridge defect. Different procedures can be used to correct these defects and restore lost gum.

Cosmetic periodontal surgery

cosmetic-periodontalGum tissue provides an important aesthetic framework for the teeth and overall appearance of the mouth. Therefore, fundamental to the smile makeover is the assessment of the gum tissue. Removal of excess tissue, building up of minimal gum tissue, and recontouring of existing tissues are procedures we routinely perform to provide the best possible framework for your new smile.