Guided Bone Regeneration

Cross-section of jaw/mandible

Without guided bone regeneration therapy 
(no membrane used)


Membrane prevents faster growing tissue and allows slower growing bone cells to regenerate the defect. The result is adequate bone height for placement of an implant.

Without guided bone regeneration therapy 
(membrane and bone graft used)


We provide:

  • Replacement of single or multiple teeth, including fully edentulous cases
  • Complex dental implant planning
  • Dental implants with associated soft and hard tissue grafting
  • One or two stage implants
  • Immediate loading in some cases

Dental implants may be beneficial for the following people:

  • If you cannot chew comfortably or efficiently with dentures
  • If you have lost teeth and don’t want to wear partial dentures
  • For those who have lost one or more teeth and want implants rather than a bridge