Handbook of Oral Biomaterials

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Dr Richard Conway is the co-author of chapter 17, in the recently released book titled, Handbook of Oral Bio Materials.  The book, with its 19 chapters, introduces the latest advances in dental materials and biomaterials science. It contains a unique and comprehensive introduction to modern biomaterials science. This book covers ceramic, metallic, and polymeric oral biomaterials. It is addressed to teachers, instructors, tutors, undergraduate students, and postgraduate students at dental and medical schools to provide a wide insight into the materials that are being taught for use in clinical practice. The contributing authors of this book are from all over the world and are distinguished in their disciplines. In addition to dental students, this book is also highly recommended for students of engineering and basic science who want to gain an insight in contemporary biomaterials science. For medical practitioners, this book offers an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest steps in dental biomaterials.  To purchase this book please visit http://www.panstanford.com/books/9789814463126.html